You'll be guided and coached to make small, effective steps that get results-- and that will last forever. No more inconsistency!

There are going to be tons of changes that will be taking place- what you eat, how much you eat, when, how much water, how you move, how much sleep, what to have more of and what to have less. 

But as I mentioned before, these changes will take place in specific order, be small in action, but HUGE in results. What does that mean? It means that if you're drinking 10 more oz of water today and starting small, it leads to you drinking the right amount every day and that leads to consistent, high levels of energy and excellent sleep. Again, just by starting small and not  trying to drink enough by tomorrow.






Each week, you'll get the amount of protein, carbs and fats to eat for that week. You'll also get guidelines on sleep and recovery methods, even tools that will assist both areas. Your workouts will update frequently and I'll be telling you when.

When it comes to improving health, looking great and feeling great, sleep trumps all. Then nutrition comes next in importance, then activity. Most people have this backwards

Each week you'll also get recipes, bullets on living healthy and other great tools.

You have access to me thru text for helping you at restaurants, grocery shopping, and general support and accountability. 


Workouts are a smaller piece of the pie when it comes to overall improvement. They initiate a need to get better and then it's up to our nutrition and regeneration methods to grow the body to be better.

Imagine this scenario--Think of a work situation where a colleague came to work, drank some pre workout drink, put on his headphones....and started to trash your office, tipping over desks, starting fires and hacking servers. 

This is actually what happens in the body during a workout. We drink some pre workout drink, turn on our music, and then our muscles get tested, body gets hot and our nervous system gets pushed. 

Now think if that office didn't get fixed. And then that same colleague comes in the next day and does the same thing- takes pre workout, headphones in....and does the same chaos. Eventfully that office would be in ruins. 

But if we get a repair crew in there, fix the desks, put out the fires and get the servers back online, things are good.

Our bodies, however, like to have everything balanced....everything must be in order and ready. So this means that repair crew will bolt every desk down, put fire retardant on everything, and secure the servers from hacking. Our bodies basically make adjustments (GROWS) to prepare for more damage. And those improvements are shown in better looking and feeling better muscles, energy, less fat and stronger bodies. That's how workouts help our body get better.


There are rules that we have to follow and learn to improve our health. 

Just like school, there are things to be learned in first grade. But come second grade, those things are out dated and don't apply any more.

This happens in the body because, again, our bodies are always trying to balance,  figure out what's going on and then adjusting to maintain balance. 

So the rules that apply to lose, let's say the first 10 lbs will be taught, learned and then memorized. Then they don't apply anymore if you want to lose the NEXT 10 lbs.....and so on.

To keep the progress going, you need the next set of rules. These rules are usually more detailed, more specific and more targeted.






          NEW MUSCLE memory           

If you practice great health habits (eat great, sleep great, move great) it will show....physically. You will never see anyone who does all three and looks out of shape. 

This is not a superficial statement. This is the old adage," you are what you eat " but even more "you are how you sleep and move too ". 

Once you practice these three key points well, your body will develop a memory of how you want it to now sleep, eat and move. All we need to do is practice it to maintain it.

And just so you know, I practice great habits and it shows:) I'm not one of those trainers who doesn't practice what they preach. I will be your best role model.

As your coach, I practice what I preach. This just shows you that I will be a great role model.

As your coach, I practice what I preach. This just shows you that I will be a great role model.


In closing, this is just the beginning  for you. Take small steps, and you'll get EXACTLY what you want. Take too big of a step or too fast, and you'll just keep missing the mark. 

In one year from now, you'll be one year older. How do you want to look and feel by then?

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